Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro | DEATH BATTLE!

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AutorChuck Norris once trained someone Personally and Congratulated him. The one that was trained is the current user of the Shaggy force. His name is Shaggy, but the First user of the Shaggy force is Chuck Norris. He made the Shaggy force, but decided not to name it.
Autor: Lord Darklight
AutorChuck Norris maybe strong but everyone know that no one can be unstoppable forever and I know who can stop this cowboy dragon warrior non other than the deadman himself the undertaker try to beat him chuck lot of people who try to face undertaker got barred alive ( instead of brock and roman but that’s because brock is a beast and roman won’t stop) but beside that undertaker is the most dangerous monster ever
Autor: Woken Lunatic
AutorWhen will the chaotic sequel come?
Autor: Zakilla Gorilla
Autorcan u do chuck norris vs shaggy
Autor: bigmacchasi
AutorWoooooo ma God😹😹😹😹🙌🙌🙌🙌
Autor: Delfy Maina
AutorSo, in film lore the hierarchy
Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Segata Sanshiro
Jackie Chan
Autor: Andrew Carmichael
AutorChuck Norris once met a dangerous grizzly bear.
Since that day, the grizzly is known as Winnie The Pooh.
Autor: Patryk Husak
AutorI thought it was Bruce Lee for a min we all know how that would of been
Autor: costa rican guy
AutorIf he's biding his time, then where the hell was Segata in 2006
Autor: Eki Imudia
AutorChuck Norris once arm-wrestled the Incredible Hulk. The loser had to paint himself green.
Autor: the gamerator 10
Autor"If you come back in here, im going to hit you with so many rights, you going to be beg for them"
Autor: Andrei Olaya
AutorChuck Norris doesn't win...

He allows you to lose
Autor: John Newman
AutorBut can they beat Shaggy?
Autor: Elite Warrior
AutorChuck Norris pulled out a gun and killed 10,000 people. Then he started shooting.
Autor: Luka Nigro
AutorTop 10 greatest anime crossovers in history
Autor: A Human
AutorThe cause of Extiction of dinosaurs is Chuck Norris
Autor: Shadow Spawner
AutorAfter Chuck Norris touches paper, the sheet gets a Chuck Norris Cut

Chuck Norris’s TV watches him

Chuck Norris’s birthday is all the holidays combined

The door opens itself for Chuck Norris

Once Chuck Norris kicks a soccer ball in the goal, his team automatically wins the game

The Total Gym made Arnold Schwarzenegger start his body building career

The Sandman needs Chuck Norris to help him sleep

People paid to attend Chuck Norris’s birth, birthdays, and wedding. He built the hospital he was born in and the church he got married in. He was also the bishop and even the wife.
Autor: Jose Porto
AutorQuite sure Chuck won that battle
Autor: Jeffsan65
AutorWait didn't Chuck got his ass kicked by Bruce Lee?
Autor: Miyamoto Shun Masaki
AutorChuck Norris once heard nothing can kill him so he tracked down nothing and killed it
Autor: gabriel
AutorGround Chuck Norris.
Autor: medexamtoolsdotcom
AutorListen closely you can still here there punches even though there outside our universe
Autor: Master of ninjas
AutorShaggy vs chuck norris vs segata sanshiro!
Autor: Mikey Mickendrow
AutorThis is unrealistic.... chuck would’ve won with one punch
Autor: Faggy Baggy
AutorToo bad Segata appeared as a Solo Character in Project X Zone 2
Autor: Epsilon 956
AutorChuck Norris: Died at the hands of Bruce Lee.
Segata Sanshrio: Lost to Sonic the Hedgehog in a martial arts tournament.
How are they the most powerful beings to ever live again?
Autor: All Things Gaming 6
AutorSo that is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object.
Autor: TheAtheistPaladin
AutorWhat is this music during the battle
Autor: Gameislandproject
AutorThe expression "dear mother of God" comes from Chuck Norris' Mother
Autor: Marquis Yarosh
Autor"Yeah I was but after five days of agonizing pain...the cobra died" my favorite line
Autor: Mikail Thomas
AutorChuck norris peed on a monkey and now is known as KING Kong
Autor: Keny Kharbudon
AutorWhat was the music at the time of the blackhole
Autor: Midget09 Goldsmith
AutorChuck Norris vs Shaggy
Autor: Vicbmo
Autor: Penguin Lord
AutorOur sun cannot create a Black Hole, it is too small.
Autor: Legend of Rayquaza gaming
AutorChuck needs a real challenge like shaggy
Autor: Rogelio Reyes
AutorChuck Norris is so badass that he’s NOT allowed to have fist fights in populated areas because a punch has the power of 300 nukes
Autor: Alex Painter
AutorThanos use the Infinity Gauntlet to snap 1/2 the universe away. Chuck Norris whispered it back.
Autor: thuey65
Autorsome say...he has a third fist in his beard...
Autor: Red
AutorWho's still watching in 2019?
Autor: m00nskar remix
AutorChuck Norris farted, that's how the Grand canyon was made Grand canyon.
Autorong this is the most funny comment section ever
Autor: Martial Crossett
AutorSomeone asked Chuck how many push ups he can do. Chuck replied saying "all of them".
Autor: It's Pizza Time 2002
AutorChuck Norris don't have emotions
Autor: Christian Lopez
AutorChuck Norris doesn’t shoot guns, he just lets the bullets know its ok to run away from him.
Autor: cameron phares
Autornow all we need is everyone vs shaggy
AutorIf Segata can't kill Norris.
I'll do it myself
Autor: Hoshang Raj
AutorDEFINITLY my favourite Death Battle ever
Autor: ツPlasma
AutorWhen Chuck Norris was a child
He drew a very colorful picture
We know that picture
As Zeno
Autor: Srikar Baru
AutorI’ll hit you with so many Rights, you’ll will beg for them - Chuck Norris
Autor: Miguel Angel
AutorChuck read the COMMENT, COMMENT coment "sory"...
Autor: Catnip
AutorChuck Norris
Autor: Logan Boxy
AutorMr. Rogers is unimpressed with his two students.
Autor: Mr. Ate
AutorNow if only ultra instinct shaggy was here
Autor: Abo And his Bros
AutorNow we need Shaggy
Autor: lil ging
AutorChuck Norris is so flexible, gravity cant handle him.

Chuck can watch a movie before its released.

Chuck Norris is the flash in disguise.. he is so fast,people think of him as Barry.

Chuck Norris once threw a rock,and it's how the dinosaurs went extinct.

Chuck Norris made San Andreas happen by leaving the tap water on.

Chuck has discovered exo-planets before humans did.

Chuck once mixed a pancake mixture too much,its now called the great red spot.

Chuck can see can the future.
Autor: XtremefighterX GamingAndMore
AutorChuck Norris is so badass
Autor: Radgamerzx
Autorwhat's the instrumental?
Autor: Richard Clapp III
AutorChuck Norris is just dressed as the grandpa from jojo's bizarre adventures in the death battle
Autor: Joseph Franklin
Autor: Kurt Joseph Dator
AutorChuck Norris was made from a Lock of Shaggies hair.
Autor: Owen Nelson
AutorUnstoppable Force meets an immovable object
Autor: Crazyboy 358
AutorShaggy will kill two of them in no time
Autor: Bao Dangle
AutorBattle of the gods
Autor: Fire Storm
AutorTeam battle: Chuck and Segata vs Thanos and Darkseid. From this video and the Infinity Gauntlet it's 2 Gods vs 2 Gods.
Autor: Prower Power 95
Autorwtf did i jusy watch
Autor: Boomer Buster
AutorThis fight is how Shaggy from Scooby Doo got his supernatural powers.

... I feel like that needs context for those that don't know the meme... I don't feel like giving any.
Autor: Alex Unknown
Autor: Troy Kusanagi
AutorThey need to redo this but now it's a triple threat with shaggy
Autor: Mr Cow
AutorThese jokes sucks, can we have the cropped Chuck Norris jokes?
Autor: Cappy The Kid
AutorChuck norris vs mad dog
Autor: coba gak jelas
AutorWait the stuff that chuck claims are they true of false cause I'm confused
Autor: red eagle 29
AutorChuck Norris and Goku had an arm wrestling match, loser had to get spiky hair.
Autor: Geeky Metalhead
AutorWhat you should really do is: Chuck Noris vs Machete because death fear chuck and Machete dont die
Autor: AndyP Previews
AutorIf this fight was made today, it would be Chuck Norris vs Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Autor: 20signup
AutorChuck Norris Vs shaggy from scooby doo
Autor: Lucky_Ducky_977
AutorWhy does chuck look like old joseph joestar
Autor: Kratos ZeusSon
Autorthis death battle was really dum
Autor: Bryon M
AutorChuck Norris wins for real he beat ass!!!!
Autor: I’m beuitiful Hulu
AutorI hope this is a death battle one punch man vs chuck Norris
Autor: Zack Howard
AutorIdk but i fell some one in the comments says Shaggy vs Chuck norris.
Autor: A normal channel
AutorThey say his name used to be Chuck Snorris, but the S got too close to chuck and died.
They say Chuck gives letters in his name the ability to get closer and further away from him
They say i made the last joke to stop someone from having to make a woosh on the kid that would point out that letters in your name cant be close to you
Autor: X-mas Freddy
AutorThe Mjolnir isn't worthy to be held by Chuck Norris
Autor: Fireboy 372
AutorThis needs to be remastered
Autor: JasonNation
AutorWho do you think trained Segata
Autor: LegoStarWars 100
AutorOne of the channels said 69
Autor: DerpLikeAPro
Autoraggghhh nothing likea universe destroying battle to brighten up your day
Autor: geno sans
AutorHaven't watched it yet but Chuck Norris will win, 110%
AutorToo Bad Shaggy beats both with only 2.4% of his power
Autor: Christian Santana Zamudio
AutorChuck Norris once suffered from polio

That's how vaccines were made. Also anti-vaxers don't know who chuck Norris is...yet
Autor: Ninja Step
AutorLove to see a part 2 of this. Could it be possible that DB has created a technology that can track them in the dimension they traveled through?
Autor: Keith Smith
AutorChuck Norris can assembly every item in IKEA in less than 4 seconds with nothing but his toe nail
Autor: Z R S
Autorhulk vs chuck norris
Autor: tommy telgenhoff
AutorUnicron vs Ego
Autor: Olympus Knight
AutorChuck Norris is so fast, it’s the wind that gets knocked out
Autor: Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH
AutorI know that the joke only works for Chuck Norris, but let me try

Segata was bored that he decided to make with he's video game magic a baby,That baby is Shigeru Miyamoto
(Sorry,I thought it would work for Segata too 😯)
Autor: Santiago Gomez
Autor battle starts
Autor: The true Genius
AutorChuck Norris won
Because he's chuck norris.
Autor: Webbsies
AutorFun fact cats say they have chuck like reflexes
Autor: Nozzdoggamer 7321
AutorYuri Boyka vs Bruce Lee ??????????????????????? :)
Autor: Boris Borisov Official
Autorchuck norris is recolored joseph joestar
Autor: Astros
AutorAll is Chuck Norris's puns are hilarious that they 'chuck' me out of this😂
Autor: Anthony Castillo
AutorGod vs God
Autor: Erik Lazo
AutorOne time, Chuck Norris fought Superman, the loser had to where there underwear on the outside of their pants
Autor: Jack Maklain
AutorあなたはSEGA SATURNをプレイしなければなりません!
I tried.
Autor: Trainer Ed Catcher
AutorThanos to Star Lord: I like you

Thanos to iron man: You have my respect, Stark

Thanos to Chuck Norris: I have retrieved your baseball glove, my lord
Autor: TheAnnouncer
Autor: Alias Anonymous
Autor I wanna see you read that 🤣
Autor: Don't Mind Me
AutorShaggy joins the server
Autor: Slumpy Tony
AutorThese were two of the only people that made me use 100% of my power.
Autor: Matt The Mii
Autor: hi i am nazi
AutorSanta isn't real because he put Chuck Norris on the naughty list.
Autor: Atlas Farley
AutorThe one who can beat Shaggy
Autor: Dean Anime
AutorOn the last episode, where Wiz vs Boomstick happens, these two should pop up and finish their fight
Autor: Joshua Lopez
AutorJesus walked on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land.
Autor: Bitten_By_Frost
AutorI don’t now what just happened
Autor: Breaker Tetris
AutorIf Jesus can walk on water Then chuck Norris can swim through land
Autor: Da Nugget
AutorShaggy vs Thanos
Autor: Daniel likes dragons
I still laugh at how epic and ridiculous both of them are 😂👌💪
Autor: Gian anastacio
Autorzed vs nocturne lol
Autor: Jane Daclis
Autorwy u make this Chuck Winning everyone he go against
Autor: Bob Tyler
AutorWhen chuck Norris went outside and looked at the sun it went blind
Autor: duyk ghost
AutorDamn, never knew people still made Chuck Norris memes.
Autor: Zaylok
AutorWorld war 2 occurred because Chuck Norris played getting over it
Autor: {DDLC} Model
AutorWhen Chuck Norris hung himself, the noose suffocated.
Autor: A.Nonny Mouse
AutorThanos: you could never Beat my infinites gems !
Chuck Norris : hold m'y beard
Autor: big fish
AutorJust follow me on this, you should do Antisepticeye vs Darkiplier
Autor: Brent Land
AutorYou guys could actually do a sequel to this with 3d animation. It doesn't even need to be a rematch. Just say that the two are still going at it, and they showed up again.
Autor: Arthur Brandon Nielsen
AutorIf you say “Sega sucks” three times while looking into a mirror, Segata Sanshiro will appear behind you and smash your face into it.
Autor: Ishtarru
AutorLooks like this was one first draw in the series of death battle
Autor: Video game sniper
AutorIf you come back in here, I'm gonna hit you with so many rights, you'll be begging for a left
Autor: {DDLC} Model
AutorI know how stop this sega ninja by destroyed the sega game itself
Autor: Woken Lunatic
AutorChildren have superman socks
Superman has chuck Norris socks
Chuck Norris has lee van cleef socks
Autor: Commander Dritz
AutorI want to say segata 1 the fight for some reason
Autor: C Boi
Autori want this in ssbu
Autor: Nick Rahl
AutorChuck Norris digged the Grand Canyon...
With a plastic spoon !
Autor: Bla bla Dudel
AutorSo after a little thinking, I found out the strongest move with the 2 combined...

Segata’s Judo-Throw leading to Chuck’s Roundhouse kick
Autor: Someone on the internet
Autor: Mikail Thomas
AutorIm going to hit you with so many rights you're gonna beg for a left
Autor: jeffrey jeter
AutorJesus real father is Chuck Norris
Autor: skeletoncash gameing
AutorAfter 3 years a new contender has appeared...

Shaggy Ultra Instinct
Autor: Rhythy
Autorchuck norris vs god
Autor: tommy telgenhoff
Autorsegata annoying chuck.
chuck destroy a sega sateren.
chuck and segata fight.
chuck and segata destroied the universe.
Autor: בראשית חממה
AutorChuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky
Autor: Bro Latias
AutorChuck Norris: I can destroy a mountain with a snap.
Segata Sanshiro: I can ride a missile.

Shaggy: hold my beer
Autor: Lolohets
AutorBruce Lee didn’t actually kill Chuck Norris, as Chuck Norris just wanted Bruce Lee to pop his neck. Chuck Norris was just napping the whole time.

Chuck Norris has 10 losses because he also believes in giving to charity, so he drew attention to a good cause by ‘losing’ on purpose.

Chuck Norris built the Great Pyramids in one hour by himself.

Chuck Norris once whispered in Mary’s ear and Jesus was conceived.

Chuck Norris once challenged Atlas to an arm wrestling match, the loser had to hold up the Earth.

Chuck Norris sometimes gets bored and jump ropes. This is what causes earthquakes.

Chuck Norris once saw Bigfoot, which is nobody can find him.

Chuck Norris is why there is no longer life on Mars.

Chuck Norris killed Freddy Krueger in Freddy’s dream.

Chuck Norris once dived to the bottom of the ocean to train for 40 days and 40 nights. He only stopped because he cause the Great Flood.
Autor: jonathanpeterson1
AutorTotally shoulda been shaggy
Autor: Bepis N
AutorSees only Chuck Norris Comments

Segata Sanshiro theme grows louder
Autor: Tobey
AutorDexter's laboratory vs Stewie
Duke Nukem vs Serious Sam
Santa vs Krampus
Autor: Raymond Boop
AutorNorris chuck house round kick
Autor: Lil F*CK
Autorplease, we both know shaggy would destroy them both.
Autor: Harsh Sidhu Harsh Sidhu
Autorthese heroes cannot be forgotten
Autor: Stickz and Gamez
AutorChuck Norris got very mad and was chewing some gum
That gum is known as Majin Buu
Autor: Srikar Baru
AutorIf all death battle winners teamed up to fight these 2 they’d all die
Autor: Wildman
Autor beaten unconscious? Nah the fight was so easy chuck got bored and fell asleep
Autor: Cristian Ramirez
Autorhe protecc

he attacc

But most importantly...

he smoke cracc
Autor: Calla_Anonymous
AutorWhen Chuck Norris snaps... the infinity gauntlet disappears
Autor: Leo 18
Autor those 10 losses were mirror matches
Autor: kidenderman04 ___
AutorGhuck noris once beat his best but strogest oponent....death
Autor: Kevin Janssen
Autor Lol, Family Guy reference
Autor: Epsilon 956
AutorAnd so begin the fight that lasted till the end of time
Autor: Jared Burke
Autor: Amanda Morgan
AutorWhooooaaaah \°.°/ -segata wins
Autor: Shevyshenko Sneijpers
AutorDespite the commercial suggesting otherwise, Chuck Norris can't actually use a mount in World of Warcraft. He's always in combat.
Autor: Katie Persons
AutorTop 10 god tier fights
Autor: Daien Gony
AutorChuck aint so tough, notice how no one mentions how he got his ass whooped by Bruce Lee.
Autor: Shane Moose
AutorDo a death battle of Chuck Norris vs Shaggy
Autor: Sharkice 4.555
AutorDeath battle: Answering questions no one asked.
Autor: Kovice
AutorThe Expendables vs SEGA
Autor: carlos blanco
AutorThe cobra dying fact was performed by Macho Man Randy Savage when Jake the Snake had his cobra bite Macho Man's arm, except that one died drastically that night
Autor: Raymond Boop
AutorThese two don't compare to pewdiepie though
Autor: matthew leiter
Autor: Optimus Playzツ
AutorUltra instinct shaggy vs chuck norris
Autor: Sinper Son
AutorWhat is the music at around please I need to know
Autor: Conor Martin
AutorRumor has it they are still fighting, even today.
Autor: Brian L
AutorProof, even entertaining the idea that Chuck Norris can be killed will destroy the universe...
Autor: AJTheWizard
Autor: Vali Lucifer
AutorOk I think this should be a tie but chuck has actual feats of world breaking powers sanshiro just denied pyshics once
Autor: Trex 2500
AutorJohn whick should have bean in this
Autor: Cd Bd
AutorShaggy would definitely win.
Autor: zombiwar13
AutorBut chuck is imortal if he dies hell live again
Autor: ladybai samad abo
AutorNot one recent comment about how chuck norris and segata sanshiro predicted Goku versus Superman part 2.
Autor: cntoon90skid
AutorThey named an army cadence marching song after Chuck Norris
Autor: icon
AutorZeno is the slaves of chuck norris
Autor: Matteo Chiappelli
AutorShaggy has entered the chat
Autor: Racim Bahaz
AutorChuck Norris once threw a grenade. It killed ten people, then it exploded.
When Chuck Norris left for college, he told his father “You're the man of the house now”.
Autor: The Watcher
AutorChuck Norris had two pet cats
We know them as
Beerus and Champa
Autor: Srikar Baru
AutorChuck Norris is amazing
Autor: Demetrius Walls
AutorChuck Norris can never handle the Rider Kick
Autor: Blood Rogue
AutorThe best joke fight in history
AutorI really appreciate the reused Joseph Joestar model
Autor: We gotta get hoxton back
AutorThen shaggy happened
Autor: Joe Cullinan
AutorShaggy can destroy these fools
Autor: Saul Puente
AutorIn mother Russia Chuck Norris still kills you because he is so over powered.
Autor: Flop Studios
AutorWe heard a rumor that you got bit by a king cobra
Chuck: Yes. And after 5 long days of agonizing pain..... The snake died
Autor: DavidAngelo Mojar
AutorChuck Norris...
-Peed on lizard that became godzilla (seen in comments)
-Kissed a baby that became Saitama (comments also)
-Farted to create fuel for superman's pod
Autor: DavidAngelo Mojar
AutorChuck norris wins
Autor: Markús Böðvarsson
AutorRocky balboa vs balrog
Autor: It’s Steven animations btw YT
AutorNathan Allgren vs John Carter?
Autor: Tyler Utley
Autor4 years after this video published,There's still people who come back to this very video
Autor: Awestrix Gaming