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AutorSmosh pit
Autor: Annette Andal
AutorWho uploaded this
Autor: CatchingUpWithKAYDEN
AutorWhat ta fuck
Autor: James Scott
Autor: Katie PlaysRoblox
AutorI honestly thought this was real wen I was about 6/7
Autor: SHooter ELonzzo Da BLessed
Autor: I like cum
AutorHelp police get us out of here!
Autor: Jon Simpson
AutorI hate you
Autor: Laura Tzintzun
Autorok, i would die for anthonys laughter oh my god.
Autor: anna mess
AutorNa this is fake nvm😂😂😂
Autor: Christopher Lewis
Autorwe got mushroom pah

Autori was terrified when i first saw this
Autor: Baboon squad member 32
Autor: Stoned Anims
AutorThis is like the Blair witch project
Autor: Marcos Ruiz
AutorThis is like the movie split
Autor: Danny The Great
AutorRemember when some people believed this was real? 2019 anyone?
Autor: Voltron Fanatic :3
AutorTo this day i still find this creepy
Autor: xd BSR
AutorSmosh predicted the split movie
Autor: Liam Ellis
AutorThis scared me as a youngin, I thought this was real and I would have mares about it.
Autor: space ghost
AutorWhen smosh was actually good
Autor: Talin Bansal
AutorLmao they made this video a real thing😂
Autor: Carlos Haring
AutorDid you actually go into a real restaurant?
Autor: Jack Breaden
Autor, my
Autor: Regan Beech
Autorim name is ian
Autor: Douglas Ortiz
Autorsecret deadly house
Autor: Carys Walters
AutorSplit prequel
Autor: Léo Jamadi
Autori miss smosh like this
Autor: Flaming Gaming 21
AutorIf this was me I would have grabbed the nearest weapon and kid that dude across the face
Autor: ImStuckWithThis
AutorThis is how old Smosh died
Autor: IHavePrivilege kilo
Autorso what happen to them?
Autor: Gokerwow playz
AutorSo fake
Autor: steven powers
AutorRun dun dun dun dun dun dun
Autor: Super Sam The incredible
Autor: Jonah Katieli
AutorIs this real!!!! Omg ahhhhh
Autor: Big Guy
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Autor: Zoe Clarke
Autortrixi is my dog
Autor: Sean Ender
AutorBack before Ian and Anthony sold SMOSH for $0
Autor: thephenom_7
AutorI will have you
Autor: Estevan Castro
AutorI remember watching this when it first came out, I was a kid and I thought smosh actually died and if I remember of memory I was sad for a long time until they uploaded another video
Autor: StarLightSky
AutorI though the food was free
Autor: Juraj S
Autor2019? Anyone
Autor: Force_Raider
AutorWhen I was 8 years old I thought this was real
Autor: legendary rebel yt
Autor fork-shadowing death :)
Autor: Just_a_kid
Autor: Qassem Alafoo
AutorHoly shit
Autor: Luke gaming Times
AutorWho plays the villain? He's great
Autor: Connor Noiles
AutorBack when Anthony had emo hair, and Ian was immature As Fuck
Autor: DistrackXmusic
AutorAnd that’s why guns are legal
Autor: Justin Yip
Autor: Get Deleted
AutorIs this real
Autor: Bobtron97 Asphalt
AutorIan and anthony are really good actors
Autor: Adam Chen
AutorIt's actually scary that we have gotten to the point of YouTube where fans would do this unironically.
Autor: StackyBeats
AutorPause at to see the white boy get a new toy face😂😂😂
Autor: Demarcus Shoulders
AutorI remember watching this when I was young and getting so scared thinking it was real... I must've been 9 😂😂😂
Autor: David Cox
AutorI was REALLY YOUN( not that young lol. I’m just overreacting) when I watched this and I thought they died. I couldn’t go sleep and I started crying. Omg I feel so stupid thinking about it.

I was really young tho.
Autor: Teddy Tea
Autor: The Best fish !!!
Autor: y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
Autor: Billi Rangel
AutorSmosh are close to die few days ago LMAO
Autor: QQ Doughnut
Autor: FWS Network
AutorI can’t believe I was 9 when I first watched this🤣🤣
Autor: Patti Sibbersen
Autor best part
Autor: night fall
Autor: RAMPAGEFaze Gaming
AutorJust realized this man drove an Sti. Legendary.
Autor: jigga_ boonk
Autori really do miss when they were goofy af
Autor: DKrypt
AutorAwesome video Anthony and Ian
Autor: Awesome Sean
AutorTo this day I still don’t know if they actually died or not
Autor: Eden Darleen
AutorWhat the f**k
Autor: Magpiesarego123
AutorI know where there is!😐
Autor: Kitty minty!
AutorFree food but they are concerned about the price
Autor: Ethan Lee
AutorIt says free food but it says 15$ for the burger and 19$ for the mushroom pie
Autor: Francis Chico
AutorVlogging was actually good this time
Autor: Destroyer Izzy
AutorWell they sure foreshadowed majorly in the thumbnail
Autor: Fluffy the Fox
Autoroh my fucking God
Autor: Douglas Ortiz
Autormajor foreshadowing
Autor: wokies
AutorWhen I was younger and watched this I actually thought they died and was scared shitless ;), BTW who is on a smosh binge, AND also like if u watchin in 2019
Autor: Shay 99
AutorThis was the first Smosh video I saw
Autor: Sajan B
AutorWho thought this was real at first
Autor: Rafael Calunod
It creeps me out
Autor: 彭于晏
Autor: Adrian Gonzalez izback
AutorEven though this wasn't real I could pass on Ian and Anthony being great actors. At least in my opinion : |
Autor: Alex Zemaitis
Autor9 year old me thought they actually died
Autor: Random Wierdo
Autor: Mr. Rella
Autormy favourite is mushroom pie
Autor: Gamer For fun!
AutorHe has a lot of jobs not Anthony and
Autor: ELF 7cops3
AutorAnyone notice how they got a free food coupon, but when they entered, the food cost money😱🤭😂😂
Autor: EeryCarnivore Yt
AutorThis looks like a vlog
Or its is a vlog
Autor: Roi Wassabi Fan
AutorCall 911 is dekiler
Autor: 10000000000000000000000 tunshidi
AutorThis video still gets me uneasy tbh
Autor: Brutto Hund
Autor1akdieooo2346 65342 3 , 3 4 email 4 email 3 3 4 3 3d 3rd dvxhsuhshdhd
Autor: angela R
AutorIt’s ok guys my mom says it’s fake
Autor: Homie

Aaaaand you're bound to have nightmares now. You're welcome.
Autor: G&N
AutorThis was genuienly scary to me... is it bad i thought that this was shane dawson....
Autor: CaptainRemixer
AutorHow do you like to die a triple dog die
Autor: Nancy Biglin
AutorDefy media ruin everything.
Autor: Tae Natdanai
AutorI’m...I’m sca...scared
Autor: David Adrian Fernández Rodríguez
AutorStop cursing please
AutorSmosh used to be my neighbors I swear to God I'm not joking
Autor: Yesi Diaz
AutorWho is here because smosh died
Autor: Default Boi
AutorThis remains to be my favorite Smosh video of all time. Back when it was just Ian and Anthony.
Autor: Felicity
AutorThat was skerey
Autor: Mark Berg
AutorWhen I first watched this I was like 7-8 and I thought it was real and I got so scared
Autor: Katie Tran
Autor: Oh yeah yeah
AutorThe best commentary ever
Autor: Athesity
AutorIs Trixie And The Other More Is Y'all Members? ImA Mexicano (Not Really) Im A Halfoooo Yeet SHUT UP HATERS
Autor: SammyDaStrawberry
AutorI love how fake this is
Autor: Mick Austin
AutorBro that face
Autor: Nicolas Perez
Autor2018 anyone?

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Autor: ThomasPlayz Games
AutorGreat title considering recent events...
Autor: Cae Ert
AutorI hate school
Autor: Kajus Babim
Autor: Wiggly Wong
AutorAj love you SMOSH
AutorThis brings back so many memories
Autor: M 1512
Autor: Adam Stolarski
Autorthis used to spook me the fuck out
Autor: SkeetYT
Autorsplit personality restaurants
Autor: Lordali Slapmegatron
AutorWhat kind of car are you driving
Autor: mary giokas
AutorThe intro gave me "The Blair Witch Project" vibes.
Autor: Brutto Hund
AutorTheir acting was amazing. They made it actually sound like a Lunchtime w/ Smosh episode
Autor: Hurricane the Seawing
Autor When I see a Justin Y comment
Autor: Not in Trouble
AutorDude,i actually thought they died.
Autor: Mini Pubg
Autor: Fuck Yall
AutorWhy is everyone comparing this to Split.
Autor: Sebastian Rosa
AutorI remember watching this when I was 7 God I really miss them times I really miss old smosh YouTube is crap nowerdays before ricecum before Logan Paul, Jake Paul and disstracks we had smosh
Autor: Mackenzie Hopkinson
Autor that's where iPod genie was filmed
Autor: Beluga The One
Autorim Trixie
Autor: Zoe Clarke
Autor: Awesomezeke769 HD
AutorWhy does this remind me of that movie "SPLIT"
Autor: minna is bad
AutorAlso still can't tell if this is fake or not
Autor: Christopher Lewis
AutorWhen this came out I was like 8 and then I actually got really scared if they died or not.
Autor: thegaming pro
Autor: Fortnite Gamer gt
AutorWe have Mushroom Pie~!
Autor: 「 GachaAlice 」
AutorAnyone watching this in 2018
Autor: Christopher Lewis
AutorWait wait, at there's a seat cover with the STI logo on it
There's also a hood scoop in the front
Smosh are car enthusiasts?
Autor: RPM
AutorNow with a new meaning
Autor: Net Cyanide
AutorMushroom pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Emily Shade
AutorAhh I remember watching this when I was 12 good times good times
Autor: T3chnovore
AutorTheir mushroom pie is mushroom soup
Autor: Mechine Caseñares
AutorThis is the smosh version. of the split movie.
Autor: Beastly
AutorWhat good was the coupon for if they had to pay for the food anyway lol
Autor: littleguy1011
AutorMy theroy is that ian and anthony are homeless made a new smosh channel but anthony got killed so ian made the crew and he still cant sleep from what he saw
Autor: Roda Saleh
Those are the scariest waitress and cop I've ever seen...
Autor: Electrical Artist
AutorU know, watching this when I'm like double the age I was when I originally watched it, I legit get more creeped out now then I did back than
Autor: The Weeb Meme
AutorWhen I saw this when I was 11 I fully believed it. Back when youtube was creative and original.
Autor: TheMerkaHD|Subscribe
Autor: Voltrex HD
AutorLegit now
Autor: crazyjazy02
AutorThis title means something now
Autor: Steam Raider
Autorwe got mushroom pie
Autor: nathan fletcher
Autor: arianne bruyneel
AutorWait, at first it said it was free but then the food had prices can someone explain?
Autor: Brn Berlowitx
AutorSmosh died cuz he a lot of food..
Autor: Lizzie OOF
AutorLooks like one died
Autor: Youngboy
AutorHow many times have Anthony/Ian died in their own show?
Autor: Cali AirmanB17
AutorI was actually creeped out
Autor: Lord Harper
AutorSplit (2012)
Autor: Cannon Balls
AutorThis terrified me when I was 9. That guy is still creepy even though it’s not real.
Autor: Jantzen Sanders
AutorI was nine when this came out. I feel old :')
Autor: Angelic Bitch
AutorWhy the camera looks familliar
Autor: Ariel Mendoza
Autorthis is fake
Autor: Miles Morales
AutorWhen I watched this when i was 7 i thoughy that they actually died and I started to cry because I was scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: kryptonic Skrt
AutorHope you don’t die💜💜💜💜💋🖤🤯🤯
AutorI remember being a 10 year old and believing this video was real xD
Autor: iiiamuv Official
AutorEnybody watching in 2014
Autor: CCC pruductions VIDEOS
AutorWe got school piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee
Autor: Kajus Babim
AutorIs this the first time vloging?
Autor: Miyamoto Okura
Autor: MSJ Gaming
AutorI was actually scared when i watched this last time
Autor: H4Z1Q
Autor2019 anyone miss the old smosh
Autor: sidemen Pop
AutorIt’s 2019 and the mushroom pie still gets me every time 😂
Autor: Ebony Rose
Autor: james matteo
AutorWe got mushroom pie
Autor: Noah Chaudhry
Autor6 years later and this video is still creepy as hell
Autor: xaiodylan
Autor: Dylan Pearce
AutorI thought I’ve seen all smosh videos... what’s this??
Autor: 10k subscribers with no video!
AutorThis video actually freaked me out when ever I was a lot younger
Autor: Apad 1986YT
AutorSmosh needs to stop changing their thumbnails
Autor: Johnny Roberts
Autor2019 anyone
Autor: Liam Thompson
Autor: biren bhandari
Autor honestly made me die of laughter
Autor: Syngy Stalker
AutorWhy did the thumbnail changed? The original didn’t had anything explicit, or it’s just YouTube reasons?
Autor: RazerGazer
AutorMan the good old days!!
Autor: Sport DB
Autor: Leo playz
Autorbest channel
Autor: dxb kms
Autor: Bill Nye
AutorNovember 2018 where we at?
Autor: Jeremy Renwick
AutorEating at the worst restaurant
Autor: Precious and Noah
AutorOs this real
Autor: Lorenzo sousa
AutorThis might be one of the best smosh videos ever
Autor: Please Stand By
AutorVlogging in the old days...
Autor: Fireblaster TV
AutorI’m rewatching all my favorite Smosh episodes just in case they delete their channel😢
Autor: Jesse Gerth
AutorI cri every teim
Autor: Dønt disturb I'm listening to Nirvana
AutorLunchtime with smosh, i miss this 😩
Autor: Tony Casimiro
AutorYears later my friends still make mushroom pie jokes
Autor: Jeffrey Schwanke
AutorMy favorite Smosh episode.
Autor: أشلي بوبي
AutorIK knoe this uuuus fake but it w as good
Autor: snow gril gg2
AutorThis is my favorite Smosh video XD
Autor: Cheesecakex5
AutorBack when it was just Ian and Anthony
Autor: Olivia King
Autorlove these videos man 😂😂
Autor: luca friel
Autor Still makes me laugh
Autor: Trickshot Dudes
AutorI was 12 when I watched this and I genuinely thought they died. 😂
Autor: Seeker XIII