Woman Orgasms 300 Times a Day

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AutorBack when we could laugh about this without SJWs interfering.
Autor: mickmils
Autorshe's a sex machine
Autor: Christina McAllister
AutorClickbait...shes a munta😝😝
Autor: William Townley
AutorI used to go 10 times a day on my days off. I bet I still could.
Autor: Jeremy Bennett
Autor: Turkeyeyes3
AutorOhh man i thot the girl on the right had 300 orgasm day
Autor: Alex Rafai
AutorThis was Anna's peak
Autor: oh no
Autor28 million views 👌
Autor: gamester1416
AutorCan we go back to these fun stories? Today’s news just gets me so depressed now
Autor: DQuake
AutorThat shit is sad 😔
Autor: DGgaminguniverse313
AutorWow cenk making fun of someone with a disability. What a hypocrite. Remember when they ran stuff about trump making fun of the disabled man. Did not cenk just do the same.
Autor: Emergency Procedures
Autorsuch innocent times
Autor: Ciel
AutorIsn’t it hilarious that TYT most viewed video is this!? Definitely comments on the quality of content of this channel. You think it’s great but in reality... it freakin’ sucks.
Autor: Adam Arndt
Autorbut only once at night.
Autor: ala ska
AutorBest Young Turks video 🤣😂😅
Autor: Mitul Shetty
AutorIt's not funny, young Turkey. This would be a nightmare. There are people who have this.
You would have no life.
Autor: liberty Ann
AutorWhy is someone s orgasm news? Report something that matters to society. Fucken ridiculous
Autor: Lydia Avila
AutorLook how frickin young you guys are! Lord, what 8 years does. Lmao

Still kicking ass at the news game!
Autor: J. Seth D
AutorOnly 300?
Autor: Philip Kaplan
AutorCome again?
Autor: George Rigberg
AutorCan i get some subscribers here?
Autor: Abel Salinas
Autorthis isnt very liberal of you cenk
AutorThis is when they were nice and smiling people ☺️
Autor: Suave House
AutorClickbait with ana's fine ass on the thumbnail...
Autor: Ramon Gonzalez
AutorI think this was the first video I saw of them back when it first came out. I was still in middle school back then and was one of those angry self-hating conservative libertarians who frequented 4chan and Encyclopaedia Dramatica and might even have endorsed Trump because it was the edgy thing to do. Now I’ve come out as a trans-man, am on HRT, and am a proud Feminist and Democratic Socialist who believes strongly in social equality.

It’s just funny to remember my life back then and how growing up changes you...

TYT has certainly approved a lot from back then as well 😅 too strong! 💪
Autor: 下佐粉チャネル
AutorWho's watching in 2019??
Autor: Paki Punjabi
AutorAna was so young back in the day haha
Autor: herman lau
AutorWow they were really young
Autor: Cedric Clark
AutorBiscuits get bussed on like blaw
Autor: AuraHolyUltima 1981babyBABY
AutorI have had sex 10 times a day once in my life time. It is possible, indeed, but I scared the women and the woman scared me. We were lovers for a 10 years time. We made love a few times a year. It was pretty hot but if I could done on regular basis, I don't think so. 300 orgasms a day is just wrong even tho I know another woman that seem to have an orgasm if only I talk to her. I gave her Martini on the rocks. She took one sip and near fell on her knees while she grabbed her private parts and moaned.
Autor: exentr
AutorCenk, are you giving Anna some ?
Autor: Dan T
Autorcalla mierda
Autor: V E
AutorAnother cluckbait junk for the masses. Lmfao
Autor: Emil Wharton
AutorWhy is this even recommended to me. And why now
Autor: doggydude98
AutorThrow iced water ovethere if not working hot water
Autor: Maria Lopez
AutorNo man can have sex 10 times a day for 9 months the skin on a man private would start to peel...how could they even have jobs and still physically be able to have sex 10 times impossible...
Autor: Tony Tallor
Autori would all day and night 20 times a day 🤣
Autor: Jorge Chavez
AutorBack to the future!
Autor: ArianAngel1
AutorHaving sex 10 times a day is easy. One don't have to use the penis all time in having sex with a female.
Autor: Elmo Bennett
Autorthose are rookie numbers
Autor: voidkid
AutorAnd I can't even get a date!
Autor: Brucifer Mephistopheles
AutorWorld Renowned Clinical Andrologist Reveals "Top Secret" Herbs Ways To boost manhood, get rock hard erection and last longer in bed like a champion with NO drug, NO Viagra, No Cialis. Absolutely Guaranteed. Details on my channel 🔥🔥
Autor: Best Tongkat Ali
AutorI wish i had that syndrome
Autor: Marco Esteban
AutorI have 300 orgasms a day...

Autor: lindy919
AutorIs this condition infectious, and if not, how can we make it happen?
Autor: t v
Fuckin 8 years?
Autor: Quik Silver
AutorAaawwww, they sho cute!
Autor: Death Before Dishonour
Autor8 Years later.... dude your reaction to this was kind of inappropriate...
Autor: Rai Sentou
AutorThis is when Democrats were awesome, before they got infected with SJWism.
Autor: luzarius
AutorMy how the stories have changed
Autor: Sarah Baylis
AutorIt is physically possible to achieve over 10 in a 24 hour period.....and i am gonna stop right there
Autor: Joe Beck
Autor: Richard Conner
AutorLook how cheap this looks
Autor: IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
AutorWhere did the race baiting hoax videos go ?
Autor: Michael Collins
AutorWhat a low budget shit show. "Young turks" your old first of all and that fat guy is the only Turkish looking one. Get a real job.
Autor: Smeter Pan
AutorDamn you've had this for soooooo long
Autor: Luis angel The coldness
AutorIs it contagious?
Autor: David Boudreau
AutorRemember there was a time b4 trump, when people would talk about normal shit like 3000 orgasms
Autor: Orygen 0z 7z
AutorThis is their most popular video. Let that sink in.
Autor: Johnny Rico
AutorLicky lick lmao
Autor: Glen Hoban
AutorThese 2 asexual libtards have never experienced a climax
Autor: douglas mccann
AutorDamn 2009 looks like 1985
Autor: Ryan Adams
AutorWow TYT from 8 years ago was so different.

It was a simpler time when a democracy wasn't under threat from an overweight oompah loompah reality tv idiot.
Autor: unstoppableExodia
AutorWhat's with the dislikes? I thought people hated TYT because of their politics, but they can't even talk about orgasms without incels being like "Stupid TYT n' their stupid sex lives!"
Autor: I Kill Everything I Fuck
AutorDude... after like the 4th time all that’s coming out is dust. The 10th time? My balls would be screaming for help 😂
Autor: Matthew K
AutorCan anyone tell me why this doesnt show on as the most popular video in the young turks channel???? Is this delisted in the search somehow?
Autor: Dantheman
AutorKeep in mind TYT, no one gives a shit about politics. This is quality content
Autor: MoistBlorgus69
AutorThe Young Turks Is Fake News!
Autor: Frank Castle Is Dead
AutorThat's not physically impossible. That's ideal.
Autor: howard biel
AutorWhen nothing was political
Autor: obese tyrese
AutorThat dude on the left is the worst I’ve seen other videos it’s just BAD
Autor: Ice Boxxer
Autor "little licky lick" LOL. i didn't expect to hear that from her maybe him but not her, ROFL
Autor: Tampatec
AutorLol this was news for the TYT 8 years ago
Autor: JXSVS
Autorthis is your most viewed video! BAAAAHAHAHAHHAAH
Autor: Ryan Tremblay
AutorVideo proves if you stay covering news for so long it’ll make u bitter, and sad.
Autor: Allothersweretaken
AutorHaving sex 10x's per day doesn't necessarily mean that he is ejaculating every time; nor does it mean 'intercourse'. Jeez! People, use your imagination.
Autor: BullCricket75
Autor10 a Day not hard 3 when you going to bed. 2 more at 3am. 2. More when you wake. 2 more when you come home. Couple more when going to bed. If you and your partner enjoy each other not hard at all.
Autor: kdm313
AutorI suggest no birth control and turn your passion to children. And get married faithfully to some orn out man!
Autor: Showdown
AutorAna never ages... Just like Will Smith.
Autor: raul yanez cortes
Autorthis chick Ana is so cute!!! 8 years ago!! she is even cuter!!! I'm in love!
Autor: Fil lipo
AutorCan’t imagine the dehydration 😬
Autor: Chloe Weightman
AutorWow this is so long ago
Autor: Art3mis 7
AutorMales back then were assholes
Autor: Auddie Body
AutorBeats them rehashing every misspelling the Chump makes.
Autor: Bill Cashion
AutorThis is their most popular video
Autor: Jonah Deegan Alt account
AutorWhere the hell is the rest of Cenk i thought my phone screen was broken
Autor: Joe Beck
Autoras james brown sing SEX MACHINE
Autor: أحمد الصاعدي
AutorThey were so much cooler back then lol
Autor: Jason Gallant
AutorThe Young Turks Killed Innocent Armenians!
Autor: Frank Castle Is Dead
AutorO.o how does she live then?
Autor: Teresa bonita
Autorcenk ....your so inteligent.....i didnt know that till i googled it....
Autor: Ash Muntz
AutorBoom evil fold nurse unlike contact belong Russian marriage move pleasure.
Autor: Toivo Makinen
AutorShe needs to be in the porn industry.
Autor: hahaha hahaha
Autor: Derrick Askew
Autor: Don't Just Stare At It
AutorImagine how many condoms they have?
Autor: B I G C H A N O S
AutorPfft. Hold my beer.
Autor: LedoCool1
AutorAna was SMOKING HOT with a bit more meat on her 😍🔥🔥🔥
Autor: Cardelle Cameron
AutorDear Ana Kasparian's Throat,

In all of your drizzly, drippy, moist glory, might you invite me inside for a hurried encounter, or perhaps a fortnight?

I have long desired a moment where thine throat would grant audience to mine fornication instrument.

My member has hungered for the day where thine throat would suspend all apprehension and engage in a long, serene saunter along the land where the mightiest of oceans gently sweep the terrain with its nectarous current.

I will take thine gorge to a winery where your throat and I can can taste an array of delicious tannin's!

Thine pharynx is the apple of my beholden eye!

As our beautiful encounter together comes to an end, and the setting sun fades into the night, I will lay your sweet throat down onto a bed of rose pedals.

And it is here on this very wicker styled twin bed from which at this very moment, I unbosom and confess my love for your esophagus, that i will make sweet, wistful, salacious love to your windpipe.

OH Ana Kasparian's throat, how i long for thee!
Autor: HowYer Durrin
AutorChunk looks so much slimmer in 4:3.
Autor: Mike Rankin
AutorAna is still waiting on her first
Unfortunately cenk isnt up to the task.
Autor: Bill Colello
AutorYou can tell cenk has never seen a female orgasm
Autor: mike blash
Autorcenk holy shit
Autor: Nicolas Furze
AutorI'll go odds on that you bone this cutie, she acts like she is in love with you...….I want to know about Anna s orgasms
Autor: Dan T
AutorShe orgasms once every 12.5 minutes 😂
Autor: Owen Menard
Autorthe young turk when they were young
Autor: Mone Sabri
Autor10 times a day? Wait... is this not an average amount?
Autor: TheKMA
AutorYou never miss the water until your well runs dry. 300 a day hell no maybe two but 3 0 0.
Autor: Adriane Williams
AutorThat “friend” was clearly you
Autor: Nathan Elliott
AutorIf my math is right, based on this woman being awake for 12 hours a day, that would make it that she is have an orgasm every 2.4 minutes.
Now depending on how long each orgasm last, that doesn't leave much time eat, sleep or ... well, I guess play is already covered.
I call bullshit
Autor: G Macka
AutorTYT is deleting pro-Ben Shapiro comments regarding to the Cenk v Ben Politicon debate. Here's the screenshots to prove it:
Autor: Mangocave
AutorThis Is so 2009
Autor: The Vigilante69
AutorShe probably got an ohmibod stuck in her vagina!
Autor: Cobane Studios
AutorLol they are so young!
Autor: ShuffMomo
AutorThe only thing appealing about Ana is her sex appeal. Her personality is repulsive. No wonder this type of video is what put this channel on the map.
AutorDoes anyone REALLY believe this woman??? Lol
Autor: Madam Butterfly
AutorWhy are this video got a lot translation?
Autor: Steve Harvey
AutorHer vagina is idling too high. She need a medication to tone it down. Avoid caffeine products.
Autor: Carl Parish
AutorThis is like AV club old school TYT, y'all were so nerdy and awkward back then.
Autor: Roxanne Ascencio
Autor10 times a day is doable....not every day though.....I mean I got other shit to do lol
AutorThere is something fishy going on here
Autor: sam Wessan
Autor: Samaro Yo-Koci
AutorWas she complaining or bragging? Secondly, isn't that a matter between her and her doctor?
Autor: Ernest Alicea
AutorAne omg babe such best body to give the news
Autor: alex lemus
Autor300 times ? Is that it 😆 if she went with me ? She'd triple that 😆 😆 😆
AutorBefore her nose was chopped in half.
Autor: Super Thowed
AutorWhat a pair of twats. No respect, dead eyes.
Autor: vvxvv
Autorshe needs an animal or a machine that works 24/7
Autor: Loony Linn
AutorSORRY. but the two of you must be the most frustrated people... 10 times a day... I would love that. Even giving a lick a lick.
Autor: Johannes Geense
Autor“I’m trying to have a reasonable discussion.”
~ Cenk Uygur.
Autor: Frank Castle Is Dead
Autor: Apex X INF3RNO -
AutorSippy sip?
Autor: G B
AutorWhat is this? VHS? LOL damn.
Autor: RationalMinded
Autor300 times 365 times 8 years.... she must be tired by now.
Autor: Idylchatter
AutorAna looks beautiful in the video before her surgeries. All Natural like the girl next door.
Autor: AntiMessiah
AutorFunny seeing the squad from back in the day. Love you guy, and love y’all chemistry.
Autor: MacOne13
AutorWell it looks its age
Autor: CarelessRainbow
AutorWell if she ever needs afriend i am sure willing to try
Autor: Joe Beck
AutorBack when tyt actually posted useful things
Autor: Lookin so Fresh
AutorAna 😍😍😍
Autor: Subbura 1988
AutorAna is a cutie!
Autor: David Mena
AutorYeah, this is a disease, not a pleasure! Poor lady.:'( Think about it: having 200 orgasms a day makes you stop enjoying orgasms and start to dread it. That is no way to live!
Autor: Dak Lamerbusch
AutorSuch intellectuals you guys are. 300 orgasms man? this is what you cover?
Autor: lyt bearer
AutorShameless click bait smut to get their views up. TYT is garbage
Autor: Joe Droid
AutorFreak of nature
Autor: Arnold Davis
AutorNow it’s blacks being killed
Autor: Eduardo Antunez
AutorRemember when news seemed so innocent 😇
Autor: MacOne13
AutorHow these people are old
Autor: usman leo
AutorShe would be a Chatterbate superstar at that rate.
Autor: James King
AutorCenk makes me laugh with his orgasm impression🤣😂👍💯♥️
Autor: Matty Howse
Autor10 times a day not impossible. Been there done that. I feel sorry for the men that can't. Maybe their women just aren't attractive enough. Either way i feel sorry for them.
AutorDoesn't make sense, if she orgasms 300x a day why would she ever want to have sex? She's getting off regardless, you would think she would try to minimize sensation.
Autor: Harkness78
AutorFemales never have orgasms, it's a myth.
Autor: Mitch Ross
AutorOMG, that sounds miserable.
Autor: Oddly Wired
AutorAna looks so hotter back then 2009 ;)
Autor: Amar23 1994
AutorCenk is so handsome and Trim here.
Autor: bubu joo Estes
Autor2009 looks like the 1980s
Autor: Luke Stang
Autor28 million times?
Autor: theodore
AutorIf four times a day is "superhuman" then I wonder how polygamy ever worked.. they must be some very frustrated women.
Autor: milesandmiles9
AutorFinally some real news
AutorWhat is this crap?
Autor: Sergey Tyukin
AutorAnd she faked them all.
Autor: Oh Snap!!!
AutorI'm her biggest fan
Autor: t_from_da_LB Galarga
AutorBig fan, but every time the subject turns to sex, Cenk acts like a giggling idiot. If I want that sort of childish baloney, I look up Trump. Cool it, Cenk.
Autor: John Leeman
AutorYeah that must be soooo horrible.This deserves millions of views.Poor thing;)Must be so unhappy.
Autor: Sweet Mother53
AutorYou know you suck as a YouTube channel if this is your number one views video. What a joke the YTs are. No one takes you seriously
Autor: Shane O
Autor Sit on my face Ana
Autor: Don't Just Stare At It
AutorСПАСИБО, что я имею возможнось слушать Канаду!!!!!
Autor: Николай Гряников
AutorAt first I thought if the woman in the headlines is the one in the picture frame. That would be a very interesting story though
Autor: harry s
AutorIt's interesting to see 7000 likes on a video with 28 million views

Very unusual stats.
Autor: Debate Central
AutorPre nose job Ana.
Autor: Jimbo Bojim
Autor: King Specs
AutorSo what? Is this discussion necessary??
Autor: Vino
AutorHow does she work. Patty shaky ah,
Autor: Chad Frahm
AutorCenk was still insane
Autor: jjsjjis
Autor: Jeff Gilligan
AutorViagra is A powerful drug.
Autor: Artificial intelligence 80
Autor"real news"
Autor: Overkill
AutorDon't believe it
Autor: Randy Parker
Autorget her a Harley.
Autor: Ron Norman
AutorShe was hotter then
Autor: MaddenWillNeverWork
AutorI will give Ana 300 orgasms a day. Call me
Autor: John Petrus
AutorAna was fatty back in the day
Autor: Maker Shaker Waker
AutorI cannot take more than one

She probably needs more than 10 boyfriends
Autor: Harsh Raj Always free
AutorDang this a old video
AutorHe could just be doing oral, amongst other things. Therefore it's not just about his Dick and he would be able to last longer.
Autor: Autumn Rathel
AutorStalin did nothing wrong.
Autor: Nope Nope
AutorI need help this is me what should I do I really am sick of this
Autor: Nikki Moore
AutorOh no not impossible I know 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Autor: David Hamlin
AutorAna way hot back in the day😍😍😍
Autor: Chilltownify
AutorIt’s really messed up they are making a joke out of a condition that for some can be life ruining. Women who suffer from this can’t leave their house and are afraid to go out in public and can’t live a functional life.
Autor: Leslie Carleton
AutorShe's getting 300 orgasms without sex and yet she needs actual sex !?
This sounds like SJW Feminist propaganda bullshit.
Autor: Devendra Singh
AutorTYT was trash then. TYT is trash now.
Autor: shakur 4illa
AutorCenk was skinnier 0:
Autor: Cesar Cruz
AutorThis is OLD SCHOOL TyT.
Autor: R. Toby Richards
Autor10 times per day? impossible? you've been hanging around the wrong guys if you think that's impossible.
Autor: Hot News USA Trump
AutorTf? Why is this in my recommended?
Autor: KennethDaRadDude
AutorThat's impossible for real 10 times a day that's to much it's a turn off after awhile for real she needs to ask her higher self for strength so she can calm down for real because you chase a guy away
Autor: Shawn Gilmore