What Japanese Dinner is Like (Nabe)

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AutorI could not eat rice with every meal it's so bland and boring...
Autor: CanWeGet5000SubsWithNoVids
AutorWhat kind of fish roaster did they use as well.
Autor: Ty Striet
AutorLike how someone sleeping under the dinner table
AutorIs the one filming their father?
Autor: Erin vlogs
AutorVery interesting. Pass the bread and butter please.
Autor: J Cassidy
AutorAn adult joke: 21+ ahead.
In Japan Kani-Nabe is basically the cooking pot with crab in it.

but in the Chinese Dialect of Hokkien, Kani-nabe means "screw your mother".

I warned you.
Autor: HerrBratwurst
Autor Unlcle?
Autor: AviaMahaNakhon
AutorNabe means pot
Autor: Philip Suba
AutorMy favourite country is Japan
Autor: Ali Hussain
AutorI’m Mexican tho it says Suga who is Korean I’m Mexican and we don’t like that people expect us Mexicans to eat Tacos we eat more foods than that like Tamales,tortas,molè, carne con chile,and etc.
Autor: MrsMinSuga 93
AutorNo seasoning ew
Autor: MH Ace
Autor: Ava Marie
AutorCan anyone invite me to japan
Autor: tanya ag
AutorWhere I'm from(U.S) I like to cook rice, chicken, and veggies for dinner, or we have steak & potato salad, or my kids's favorite, macaroni & cheese with hot dogs :)
Autor: S.K.
Autor: Save the Planet
AutorAll I can see is the fire hazard that is a butane stove on a wood table.
Autor: companymen42
AutorNeed more videos new videos please
Autor: misfit da savage
AutorI actually had some Japanese meals like the miso,Chintan,ramen,sashimi,chicken skewers & man was I dissapointed it was bland & awfully sweet & sour actually confusing ,though my friend loved it ,I had other opinion
Autor: Man of steel
AutorJapan seems to eat a lot of fish, rice and vegetables
Autor: Sherlock Gnome
AutorI am asian also lol my sister & I always had an inside joke about asians always eating rice. You don't eat rice you die! Lol

and us Laotians we can't forget our peppers! Lol
Autor: Faith Forty
AutorThe children are beautiful.
Autor: Whispering Mist
AutorDinner where i’m from? Macdonalds 😶
Autor: neatkitten
AutorI think I’m turning Japanese
Autor: Xyzzy9000
Autor: Dipanwita Datta
AutorEven fried food of Japanese make me feel so healthy and fresh. They're look so happy!❤
Autor: Anh Đỗ
AutorChina getting ready to wipe them off the face of the earth
Autor: JP Angeles
AutorHealthy and nutritious
Autor: CC aus
Autor(Pot dish)
Autor: TehSaviorSparta
AutorI love the world but respect the japan also love 💖
Autor: Nav nax
AutorGood opinion to start healthy life, Japanese are almost happy laugh to new day, cause their food has sunny natural complex ingredients)
Autor: Ксения Рязанцева
AutorI would be so thin if I lived in Japan. I just couldn't eat most of that stuff. It just does not look appetizing to me at all,
Autor: Jody
AutorI dont mind eating healthy foods cuzz its delish
Autor: Raffaello Bonaducci
AutorWhat kind of rice maker was that.
Autor: Ty Striet
AutorMy favorite Japanese dinner was rice, chicken teriyaki, miso soup, pork cutlets. So yummy 😋
Autor: Nigel Sy
Autorwatches video
Me: I’m SO unhealthy... oh lord why are they so healthy
Autor: Rebecca Wilson
AutorComida muito saudável !
AutorWow..freshly cooked food....do Japanese eat leftovers ever...or reheated food?
Autor: Ample joys
AutorYum rice like my moms!
Autor: Comfyy Yuri3
AutorIn usa we do the floss
Autor: Saidamin Alamada
AutorSoup-Indian bread - vegetables - dal -butter milk .
Autor: Mega Bombers!
Autorlooks good!! but eating on the floor??? to me its a like a punishment...its uncomfortable and painful​...
Autor: baselogic9
Autor roasta
Autor: Ko Yu Jin
Autorwhy Japanese rice is so sticky🙄
Autor: Tanu Taniya
AutorThis food only japanese can eat not indians
Autor: cute cute
Autor: Jammie Trupka
AutorWhat i eat for dinner is rice tacos and salad
Autor: Raymond Andree Sanchez
AutorI had Ahi and tofu, plus umami ya sushi.
Autor: Pineapple Lover
Autorgreat interesting video!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Autor: Ling Ling The puppy
AutorYou say Bombay gas stove. Thak you!!! Really Because!!! Why? I'm from India, Maharashtra. In Maharashtra state there is bombay city. But now named Mumbai... But real name is Bombay... That is very popular city in India... I am happy that there is are Indian city name...
Autor: chili youtuber
Autorhey greg what ethnicty are you? not nationality. im just curious cause ur kids came out so good looking lol(dont worry im no stalker . im european descent and have wounderd what mixed kids can look like. you should put your son in some native martial arts /sumo judo karate ect, hope u dont mind my opinion
Autor: dany
AutorThis makes me hungry.

Well then I'm going to eat my greasy pizza from Sam's Club.
Autor: Aly Cat Plays
AutorI had a nail for dinner (fingernail)
Autor: Crázÿ
AutorFrom indiaa n u r so cute 😘😘😘😘
Autor: Alia StUdyPoint
AutorToaster ovens built into the counter is choice.

You inspire me to eat Japanese food.
Autor: Oliver Allen
AutorI love the japanese culture so much😆💘
Autor: Bts is life
AutorOh the gohan looks so much better than we have in Indonesia :')
Autor: Sasha Siregar
AutorAny indian here
Autor: Ishika Chauhan
AutorI think it is a hazard for the kids to sleep under that stove table. Anyway this reminds me, villagers in Egypt used to have big mud ovens in houses and some would sleep on it in winter nights.
Autor: Mohamed F. Afifi
AutorI love the Japanese lifestyle. My family is from Japan but I wish we could live like this in America.
Autor: Seiko Patton
AutorShin is like shinchan..😂😂😂
Autor: Gaming Guruji
Autor“Great Aunt” “Great Uncle”

Wonder how they live such a long life? They don’t shove Fast Food into their body and the school lunches were actually based around nutrition and not the calorie count. It messes with my brain when I realize I’m going to die much earlier then these people, and it could of been prevented if I just ate food that actually healthy. But that’s expensive so it’s either early death at age 60, or even earlier death at age 13 from depriving myself of the foods I can afford, which are unhealthy as hell.
Autor: Equilia
AutorSo much nutrition 😍😍. Great food..👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
AutorIt looks so light and healthy and wonderful!!
Autor: vanessa perez
AutorNo doubt you Japanese people are so healthy. That food is so insanely healthy!
Autor: Karma You There Bruh?
AutorIt’s similar to something we have in China
Hot Pot
Autor: fanxy child don’t like your fashion style
Autor: Abraham Kalathil
AutorEverything looks great...... Outstanding amazing Presentation.
Autor: Nusrat Jamia
Autorthe enokitake mushrooms are adorable.
Autor: stalkeroki
Autorim not from japan neither am japanese but japanese dinner is similar to ours
Autor: [ ] [ ]
AutorThat looks so tasty 😍🤤🤤🤤
Autor: Lovelorn
AutorIts so harddddd
Autor: Ginji- san
AutorNice food.
Autor: Gdertcnjiireahjᅥᅧ2097643eethjiiwad
AutorOk...thats why japanese are sooo smart, they children eat healthy! Fish,vegetables and a very loving family coocking ALL TOGHETHER!! no mcunhealthy food...and time whith them.congratulations!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Autor: Alicia Mesa
AutorBombay is in india
Autor: Illuminati s
Autor: Nuvaira
AutorWant to be my friend's
Autor: Isabella Salazar
Autorfor those who think that this wont make you full or unsatisfied and this is such a small portion then you guys are wrong they eat rice also you know when they are not full yet they add more rice not more veggies. i mean thats how i eat on a daily basis with my family.
Autor: [ ] [ ]
Autor unlcle yeah I call mu uncle also unlcle
Autor: 문아이 moonchild
AutorNabi in Korean is butterfly
Autor: Niyel Kittycats귀엽다
AutorWeee bangli (Bangladesh) loveee ricee too we eat them with curry fish meat chicken vegetables n salad
Autor: Sadia Chy
AutorMy mouth was watering the whole time!! I wanna try Nabe!!
Autor: • Mistzi Gatcha •
AutorHa! Here in India we have a place named BOMBAY 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😱😱
Autor: Panda
AutorGreat, nice to watch.God bless you dear
Autor: Crecy Dsouza
AutorBombay is in India, maharashtra
Autor: biscuit coldrink
AutorI love hearing the grandmother's voice.
Autor: Sexy Lad
AutorPlz show us how to make a sushi with shoko
Autor: běáúťý with me
AutorHealthy food...
Autor: lydia gracia
Autorlooks so simple, healthy and most importantly, Yummy!
Autor: Moey D
Autori wish i was part of your family
AutorYum yum this is very tasty
Autor: Minu Satyawali
AutorI'd be jealous just watching them eat that delicious food.😋😋😋
Autor: Alexia Mason
AutorThat looks like such a sweet way to eat. As if you cook and eat at the same time. Sure beats one person preparing a meal by themselves for one,two hours.....I like the Japanese way.
Autor: marzy Marrz
Autorbombay is a state in india
Autor: Sravani Tadimalla
AutorIs that like Choko Nabe that the Sumo wrestlers eat?
Autor: fortawesome1974
AutorIt's so cool
Autor: Rashmi Jayaram
Autor: HideriBlueberry
AutorFood seems really healthy. But I can eat all the stuff alone
Autor: Amina Anjum
AutorI came to know about japan❤ much more .....Amazing country....Much love from Pakistan❤
Autor: Shah Zeb
AutorYou can tell why Japanese live longer than any other people they eat healthy
Autor: Makhulu Mapogo
AutorOk soo the fish just shoved right straight in the oven without being gutted and gills removed ??
Autor: Ivan De Leon
AutorPho, to us in America
Autor: HayHay Johnson
AutorI let my kids play under boiling water that has a gas flame under it.
Autor: Dillon Lee
AutorWhat are the white chunks? I want to nail this dish
Autor: I don't know how to behave TV
AutorBack to the future oven settings.💭
Autor: DeadRedLipBombshell Hutto
AutorAng dami nilang pagkain hhhhhhhhhhhh
Autor: karmela chloei
AutorIs the cameraman the father? I've been so curious with it
Autor: Choy Li
Autorin LA, we eat PIZZA
Autor: Jia Yu Zhang
AutorPlease do not let the children play underneath a table that has a boiling pot in top of it. I can’t bear the thought of them accidentally being scalded🙁
Autor: betina newkirk
Autor: Udai Kumar
AutorI want to try some Nabe!
Autor: TomboyJessie13
AutorCan you show how you cook the rice pleaaaaaase 🤗
Autor: K g
Autor: عاشقه BTS
AutorIsn't it hot pot
Autor: Diamond Sky
AutorI should move there to lose weight. No offense, but it doesn't look appetizing. I hate most fish. Love shrimp and some types of sushi though. Neat video! :)
Autor: Heather I. Sage
AutorI saw this all in shinchan
Autor: Geetha Gante
AutorSo cozy and yummy, what a lovely family
Autor: Annie Wissner
AutorYou are not knowing what is taste you only bring market non-stop veg things and boil you are just a lazy person you Japanese are laziest people in the world 😑😠
Autor: Manoj Kumar
Autorso interesting to watch people eat outside of the states. check out our vlog
Autor: J&C
Autorin mexico i have a gas stove and i don’t touch it because im scared to get burn
Autor: Jenny Romo
AutorAre you there dad
Autor: Deborah Mendez
Autor: pika chu
AutorI feel lucky find this channel. This inspires me a lot on how to do parenting to my child
Autor: mamisonyas
AutorCommon world japan js so much better
Autor: destinee cumberbatch
AutorThis is like 火锅 (not sure if that’s the spelling)
Autor: Benjamin Liang
AutorJapanese food is always so elaborate in making... It's kinda impressive that people have the energy to make it for every single meal. lol
And I think it's troublesome just to make potatoes AND sause AND fry meat... Usualy I just use those stues you just add water and or milk to and leave to cook for 15 min or so....

Oh, it is absolutly awesome that you add the japanese language lessons in there! Food names are a really important thing to know, but most japanese classes just never mention them at all. And the typical, daily usage words too! ^^
Autor: Nathanael Maldoror
AutorI'm curious about the taste of the tofu
Autor: Kim Creamy98
AutorNotice how they don't use oil at all.
Autor: everpurple
AutorCan you make a vedio in Japanese school. Means inside intrior how teacher studying the children. Lunch time etc.
Autor: Aditi Sharma
AutorI love how japanese families work together to do anything .
Autor: Blastingblue Alex
AutorI wonder if they use their hands for eating the fish or something else
Autor: Priyanka Mandal
AutorYes I live in gas a Bombay, it is like sitting on a gas stove all year round.
Autor: ta sa
AutorI am absolutely in love with Japanese culture.
Autor: Heeba D
AutorWhen did those kids learn how to cook i only learn how to cook egg in a flippin microwave
Autor: Celeste Flamingo
AutorWhen a child knows how to cook rather than you like bruh :/
Autor: Air Shone
AutorI hate most Western winter foods, this nabe looks delicious! (I love tofu!)
Autor: Fleur Hufflepuff
AutorThey eat food very strictly there.
Over here, we just grab 20 things from the fridge and order takeout (souvlaki) and then eat it all together
Autor: Haos Master
AutorThis is not related but Goku from Dragonball literally named his child rice. Wow
Autor: Kai The Nugget
AutorDat girl is like a decade younger than me and using a knife,
Autor: Audrey Kim
AutorHow much would a full meal like this cost? I'm in UK and we can't even get half of them ingredients lol
Autor: Daniel Briston
AutorThat is so cute, the child sing in japanese and speaks fluent english. Bilingual family.
Autor: Gengonglike Arbukle
Autor: Pineapple Lover
AutorI eat sooo much rice because I’m Hispanic and I like white yellow brown rice....those rice are on point
Autor: Subscribe to me if you love Your mom
AutorNo Onions
Autor: Quik Silver
AutorWho eles from india and one love from India
Autor: Universalcollege Shankar
AutorNabe? That one is weird... But I'll try to cook it
Autor: Collen YT
Autorif you eat like this everyday, you will look good. trust me i'm asian. it's the food.
Autor: ezrhino100
AutorWe also eat rice in our country
Autor: Pyae Thiha Aung
AutorLol when I saw that one Ingredient " Tara " I was SUPRIESED cause my Name is Tara
Autor: Fateh Ghiasi
AutorI would have picked up the bowl and rush to my room. JAHAHAHAHAHA. ok.i m mean.
Autor: Kie_.
AutorI wish I could live in Japan now
Autor: izuku midoriya
AutorI am from India and l love watching your videos
Autor: Sanjay Shukla
AutorYou cannot go wrong with food like these
Autor: Arthur C
AutorNossa aqui as criancas ja tinham cortado o dedo fora
Autor: Strawberry Mackenzie
AutorI love Japan good very please make more video please. ..
Autor: Dilip Kumar
Autor: Tammy Hauck
AutorLooks so cosy and nice and very delicious thank you :)
Autor: Shira Anri
AutorFood look so yummy! I subscribe to y'alls channel.
Autor: Alyssa Tapia
AutorThe 水菜 (mizuna) looks like rocket leaf! (It's like water cress, kinda spicy, but different shape)
Autor: Very Snazzy
AutorI keep watching over and over again bc it's so cuteeee
Autor: Isabela Vera Cruz (079IsaVera)
Autormy dinner today is chicken nuggets :)
Autor: karmela chloei
AutorMy name is tara brohhhhhh😑
Autor: tara bali
AutorIs that hot pot
Autor: Panda Cupcakes
AutorI wanna g to japan! They have really good technology
Autor: Mythical - Potato
AutorThis video always gets me hungry 😋
Autor: Blastingblue Alex
AutorLooks delicious
Autor: Kat Natural
AutorI m from norther india .Omg. No spices no ginger no garlic .. Jus soy souce ..i wonder how the food taste like ...for me its jus like drinking hot water.. water ...ewww
Autor: Mandeep Sudwal
AutorI remember maruko chan family..i like maruko chan movie when i child..
Autor: sabrina bukhari
AutorYour uncle 😍
Autor: Bbygal Ankita
AutorOk so what does every Hispanic meal have ?

Autor: Kawaii Panda
AutorMy family dinner is typically chicken, one or two vegetables, and pasta. Pretty boring compared to nabe.
Autor: DisneyDreamworks Dork
AutorJapan’s ese kids clean there plate
American kids lazy asf buys fast food throws it on the ground 😭😭😂😂💀I’m dead
Autor: Learn with Passion and time
Autorchildren eating fish and vegetables :)
Autor: Jeane Naisse
AutorWe call it “Hot Pot” in China but we put meat in it.
Autor: Annie Ng
AutorI thought the Japanese eat general tso chicken everyday .
Autor: Arthur Read
AutorIm 2 years late.........
Autor: van vilad
AutorThe mushroom dance is so adorable!
Autor: Mariank Gonzalez
AutorHow can anyone unlike this? This is golden
Autor: Richard Balli
AutorBombay is the old name of Mumbai in India 🇮🇳 hit like if u r Indian
Autor: Time To Shine
AutorActually I eat everything when its food
Autor: Raffaello Bonaducci
AutorWhat is the Japanese pot called?
Autor: pauly banksalot
AutorIt may not be amazing for u guys but ya... Its amazing for d world
Autoryou have beautiful babies. thanks i will always watch you
Autor: Ome R honda
AutorEvery day I just eat rice 🍚!
Autor: Kawaii Squad
AutorIs this your house? It looks like a very traditional Japanese house
Autor: Emily Wong
AutorWe be eating McDonald's and burger kinh
Autor: Saidamin Alamada
AutorThat broth looks so good
Autor: Sherlock Gnome
Autordinner where i’m from in california is quesadillas and pizza daily
Autor: Katie Gode
AutorHonestly, everytime I watch these videos I get more and more impressed with this family and their parenting. Completely great people.
Autor: lockergr
AutorWe never see your mom
Autor: Vong Kok Long
Autoryummm that looks real good 😍
Autor: mahlon paku
Autor I’m eating udon ;-;
Autor: ? xXGlitchEllieXx ?
AutorI really love this video...😎 From India
Autor: Abhi jaan
AutorHot pot (called in america)
Autor: winston ooi
AutorIf I ate that meal one day, I’d be like:
Autor: ireneBearchu
AutorI just love japnese cuisine but India is a way behind these stuff
Autor: Neha Gupta
AutorOmg i know this food is the best food for our human bodys and we all should eat like this, but lord this look nasty tho, but im go eat it until it taste good, making faces all day
Autor: Never Give Up
AutorThat gas stove is from India? You read it as Bombay gas stove so!?
Autor: soulmaster 2037
AutorNo salt and pepper 🙄
Autor: Anusha PG
AutorWait is that mummy? Girl: yes! YAY!!!
Autor: tamila israilova
Autor= no flavor
Autor: Quik Silver
AutorWow! Japanese dinner is very tasty and healthy!
Autor: Tv, beauty, home decor, art and more
AutorI am from Bangladesh we have leftover rice,spicy gravy meat and vegetables from lunch
Autor: Ahnaf Amer
AutorBut not all the dangerous stuff some food that is good to eat
Autor: Raffaello Bonaducci
AutorHey you told Bombay an indian state now Mumbai?
I love your cooking
Autor: Binay Dubey
AutorLove the videos even though OP kinda gives me the skeevies in regards to unnamable topic but besides that wooohoo
Autor: Maleny Garcia
Autorthey spelled uncle wrong. 3.24 its spelled uncle

read more
Autor: Matthew Lam
AutorIs this a family youtube channel if not they should make one.i would be realy intreates
Autor: mintee fresh TV
Autorlooks yummy iv never tried japenese food
Autor: ItzDreamer !
AutorMy favorite dinner is hot pot and I’m CAMBODIAN!!
Autor: Kaitlynn Kong
AutorHow come they didn't have meat in the dinner?
Autor: David L
AutorWhere is the masala 😜
Autor: Madhura Tawde
AutorIm hungry now
Autor: gamingwithcupcakes
AutorLove watching your videos 💗💗💗
Autor: tina baldino
AutorGorom bhat,aloposto
Machher matha thiye muger dal
Amer chatni
Misti doi.....
Ekdin eder khaoanor ichhe ache
Autor: Liza D
AutorI like the dinner looks yummy yummy
Autor: Sharlet dsouza
AutorLooks all bland , I wud starve like this 😐😐😐
Autor: rosily gaikwad
AutorHEY! I'm a Asian and I'm Vietnam But my mom is Japan DONT LIE i know my country can hit you for lying to let you know when I was a kid I always get hit from my dad if I do something wrong but my mom is from Japan and she treats me better!
Autor: Hung Tran
AutorThey eat rice everytime still they are beautifully slim! How?😭😭
Autor: Only an Exol
AutorNo wonder they live for 100+ years!
Autor: Bishal Kuikel
AutorSteam boat in malaysia
Autor: kopi o
Autoreverything is soooo healthy compared to food in germany. we eat bread bread bread ans so many things are fried
Autor: TrueCrimeRIP
Autorfrom where japan get rice😞
Autor: Amit Soni
AutorMow I am hungry. Good thing? I can head to my Morthern Va kitchen and make the same thing (essentially, because I only eat brown rice) now. Yummo! (Btw, i'm not Japanese, just eat this way.) We have great Asian grocery stores here that are cheap and have incredible produce and authentic brands..gotta go... stomach rumbling. 😻🐛🕊
Autor: victrola2007
AutorWho got a purple advertisement
Autor: Genessie Ellie
Autorit reminds me of shinchan 😂
Autor: Neeta Shukla
AutorThat looks so yummy and healthy. What do you do with the broth?
In Germany people tradionally don't eat warm for dinner. They eat bread with butter, cheese, saussages and pickled cucumber. Nowadays that is changing and I think it also depends of the area.
Who does the translation?
Autor: Nana Iqbal
AutorLooks delicious and very nourishing. I will try cooking the vegetables via steamnand no oils. Thank you for sharing.
Autor: Cathy Crayton
Autordelicious!! I love your food! Im from Mexico, greetings!!
Autor: Marcela Medina
AutorOmg I have seen those stuff in shinchan (lmao) well indeed beautiful country and shinchan 😂(lots of love 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳)
Autor: xoXo Sin
AutorI love Japanese and Korean culinary as much as I love my country's culinary 😍😍😍
Autor: 8th Grade Life
Autor4.07 I hear baby like : nanaaa
Autor: Vina Narsis
AutorHere in Taiwan its just less than $4 each bawl of seafood.
Autor: Erza Scarlet
Autorhat do the very poor cook, on a tight budget, please .
Autor: lucky love
AutorIt looks very healthy but also it looks very dull...
Autor: Hani Alturk
AutorWho want to eat boiled mushroom n boiled green onions without spicen oil
Autor: Rimsha Ali
AutorDo u guys know bts
Autor: fa'fas maknae
AutorHey love ur videos n ur really cute
Autor: Ann Z
AutorJapanese people cook and eat like it is art. I eat like a pig.
Autor: shi shi
AutorI enjoy your life. I wish I had my little bilingual family
Autor: Krystal She Poppin
AutorWas healthy food without oil that's why Japanese live long life
Autor: Pushpa Indian
AutorI could never cook with those kids in my way
Autor: Lynn .D
AutorNo wonder they weigh 100 pounds and live longer
Autor: Palwasha. Afridi
AutorDo you shop at Costco?
Autor: Jorge Onodera
Autor they spelled uncle wrong "unlcle"
Autor: Peyton Satele

Autor: Strawberry Ranch
AutorYuzu Ponzu is sooo good. I love eating foods with it.
Autor: Zach Bloomquist
AutorFor now on im eating on the floor
Autor: Amy loves Tord
AutorWhy I’m sick of American food. This looks so good and so much healthier!
Autor: Mahinnna Diamoinkus
AutorI am partly Chinese and we only have this meal when it's a special day. I mean we have dinner but we only have dinner the same way as you guys are on only special days
Autor: Sandy Cen
Autor: Aikawa Kirisaki
Autorwhy on earth we have different foods?!?!? how to eat boiled fish without little spice?;?
Autor: inzam kyle
AutorThe table n table stove. Evrything reminds me of my favourite cartoon show shinchan. So similar
Autor: Sejal Sanil
AutorAww all the babies are such cuties!!
Autor: Daniela Saikik
Autor: danks brother
Autor unlcle
Autor: Archimedes
AutorAmericans :

Yh we eat McDonald’s
Autor: Ceptom MUA
AutorYass True asiannnn with that rice
Autor: Mythical - Potato
Autorlove to see bombay gas stove.. bombay is a city here in india, which is now called mumbai 😊
Autor: free spirited chingu
AutorNabeee :D
Autor: bff SQAUD unicornss
AutorMy body is craving this. Yum!
Autor: Margit Ouma
AutorEnoki look just like magic mushrooms.
Autor: Blue Lotus
AutorNo garlic?
Autor: Quik Silver
AutorIf you heart this comment I will be soo happy!!
Autor: Gen And Maddy
AutorHow old are you kids
Autor: Erik Vince
AutorIt's crazy in America they would be considered poor or food deprived because they don't have four to five things on their plate plus of bread we are so fat and the bad part about it is if I was to present that amount of food to my four children CPS would come and get them and then fuss when they are overweight
Autor: Larisa Pearson
Autor: Kayla
Autoru guys have a great family
Autor: Siti Sarah Abdul Salam
AutorBreakfast was more interesting
Autor: Michael King
AutorIm too poor to afford all those ingredients XD
Autor: hana wa11ak
AutorOh Shiitake mushroooms channel corfimed
Autor: d0gGy
AutorRice with every meal ?
Does it not get boring?
Autor: CanWeGet5000SubsWithNoVids
AutorOh I am from Canada Ontario But my parents are FULL Chinese So I mean You could say
Tat My dinner is from China but Not really. In EVERY meal Not Every meal but MOST of the meals We have RICE!! and It is different all the time So really have No idea of what to say.Oh I have Rice And ANY kind of Vegetable!! But sometimes when My mom is happy she makes TACOS!! Or SPAGHETTI!! YASSS * oh and I say that a lot* Oh and One thing I forgot Is NOODLES!!! I ate them today So yeah Tat is mine (Sorry it was Long) BAIIII!!!! :DDDDD
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AutorLoved this! :)
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AutorI feel healthy ...but ammm...
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AutorRiceèeeeeeeeeee!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!
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AutorI didn’t like nabe
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AutorIs that strange that my name is Saba?
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AutorI LOVE❤💙💚💛💜The Way You Cook You and Your Family
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AutorI need that roaster in my life
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AutorLol what was that sound at the enf
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AutorHow all are watching this video because of anime and need to know more about japan
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AutorGreat video
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AutorI would be so thin if I ate like this lol
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AutorSo is someone laying under the board to hold it up
AutorThis was super clear video thanks for the video. Many people don't know how to make a good quality video about what they eat. Thank you for making my day!
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AutorThese types of videos makes me want to make Japanese food so I do that, I make chinese and also Korean foods.

Yea I like hamburgers(not pizza) and yes I’m a country American

But I love trying to cook things from different cultural backgrounds
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AutorNo Mc Donalds and Happy meal??
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AutorAt least the fish wasn’t raw
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AutorAmerican watching this
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AutorDear you are so cute I love your all videos
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AutorSo this is what anime feels like
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Autor한국어 자막좀요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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AutorMan their eyes are big
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AutorWhat are all these foreign kitchen appliances!!! Looks really cool. Is your place tiny? Would you call this a hot pot?
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AutorMoves to Japan
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